Pizza Oven Kit "Volta" for Indoor & Outdoor

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Pizza Oven Kit "Volta" for Indoor & Outdoor

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Quick Overview:

DIY pizza oven kit for indoor & outdoor from high quality refractory

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Pizza Oven Kit "Volta"

 This DIY pizza oven kit can be used anywhere:




Inside your home, cottage, or restaurant


Perfect for backyard!


On a pizza catering trailer



  • Quality. "Volta" pizza oven kit is entirely hand made at Sunday Grill factory outside of Venice, Italy. Materials used are high quality refractory cement mixed with Sunday's proprietary masonry mix. 70% alumina content. From mixing cement to curing the components production takes weeks with attention to every detail. The end result is a pizza oven kit that lasts and lasts...
  • Design. The kit is designed with cooking in mind. Volta's low Neapolitan dome radiates the heat right where it should be - on the top of your pizza - and delivers a crusty pizza in 90 seconds! The dome is spherical as opposed to "half barrel" shape providing uniform heat inside the oven without "cold spots"!
  • Assembly. Volta wood oven kit is for the first time DIY oven builder. The kit can be assembled in 30 min. due to its interlocking design. Nothing needs to be mortared - the dome pieces have groove on edges to interlock with each other and the oven is supported by its own weight! When you put the dome together you may notice a 1" gap in between 2 of the pieces. This gap is normal, it should be distributed evenly among all the components by moving them around a little. After this you will have 5-6 1/8" gaps. They will provide the dome with necessary room to expand and contract with changes in temperature and thereby avoid cracks. The chimney opening is positioned above the front arch which is pictured and supplied with the oven. When the oven door is closed the cooking area inside the oven is completely enclosed which helps retain the heat, this is traditional Italian design. View many projects with Volta here!
  • Insulation. The kit includes mineral board for hearth insulation and ceramic fiber blankets for dome insulation!
  • Flexibility. The kit can be - and has been - installed in all environments: indoor, outdoor, or on a trailer. The kit needs no certification since it's classified as a "site-built appliance" and is entirely legal to install indoors providing the installation process follows the local building code (venting, distance to combustibles etc). Outdoor installations do not require any permits in the vast majority of US and Canadian jurisdictions.
  • Use. This is a very versatile pizza oven kit for indoor and outdoor use. Equipped with steel door and thermometer. The oven can be used for cooking real Neapolitan pizza, meat, bread, and many other dishes. The oven reaches 1100F although in practice this T is not needed for cooking. The material is very crack-proof. The oven can be finished with virtually any design as some of our Gallery pictures indicate. This includes stucco, stone veneer, rocks, paving stones, bricks, copper, steel, etc. The larger sizes of this oven are currently used in many restaurants and catering businesses where it needs to remain hot for 10+ hours a day. The Volta oven is also an excellent choice for pizza trailers, offering a reliable cooking engine for fairs, festivals, shows, outdoor events, etc. Once properly insulated the oven will have a quick heat up time: 40 min. to an hour.
  • Sizes: The Volta oven is available in 2 sizes: 100 (40") and 120 (47"). Size 100 has a 39.3" cooking area diameter on the inside. The outside is 53" deep, 44" wide. The door is 22" wide. Size 120 has a 47.2" cooking area, 61" deep, 52" wide, 22" wide door. These dimensions do not include the insulation both under and around the oven! As a rule you will need at least 2" of insulation under the floor and 3" on all sides of the dome + your veneer: stucco, tiles, etc.

So... Enough excuses - build a Volta!