Maximus Mobile / Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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Maximus Mobile / Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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Quick Overview:

Portable wood fired pizza oven Maximus, only 130 lb! Perfect for backyard!

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"Maximus" Mobile / Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven

A wood fired pizza oven perfect for backyard, patio, or catering!

Maximus is a wood fired pizza oven made in Portugal used for cooking pizza, bread, meat, fish, vegetables, and other dishes. The oven is 23.5"x23.5" on the inside, 27.5"x27.5" on the outside, and 38.5" high incl. the removable chimney, 25.6" without the chimney. The door is 15.5" wide at the bottom and 9" high. The oven weights approx. 130 lb. The floor of the oven consists of 4 terracotta tiles. The dome of the oven is double wall: stainless steel on the inside and aluminum on the outside. Inside the double wall of the oven and also underneath the floor tiles is ceramic fiber blanket insulation to provide heat retention for your cooking. The oven features an innovative stainless steel baffle inside. The baffle makes the hot fire smoke travel back and forth inside the oven thereby extracting more heat from the hot smoke and ensuring cleaner air emmissions into the air. This is the system employed in most modern EPA heating wood stoves, made for the sake of higher heat efficiency and reduced air pollution. Chimney is removable and is made from stainless steel for maximum durability.


Currenly over 2000 ovens are in use around the world.


 Be amazed by the ease and mobility of Maximus!




fits in the back of a car!

Wood Fired

real wood for real taste!


bake a pie in 90 seconds!


The Oven



The Benefits

Well this is our favorite part! The Maximus has many benefits compared to a traditional brick, precast or clay oven:

  • Weight – a traditional wood fired oven is either 1200 lb+ or needs to be built on site such as the numerous modular oven kits which have sprung up on the market in the last few years. This means delivering and installing a traditional masonry oven is costly, often requiring the help of specialized crane and forklift delivery company, local mason, contractor, etc. In many cases delivering a 1200 lb oven into a backyard is not possible at all due to access difficulties such as steps, stairs, gate not wide enough, slope, soft ground, neighbor's fence etc.
    In comparison the Maximus oven is only 130 lb! Delivery takes a few minutes AND you can take it with you if you move or simply for a picnic in the park, to cottage, fishing, boating, camping, or a regular Sunday tailgating party! Maximus is also at home on a backyard, deck, patio, terrace, veranda, porch, balcony, or even a rooftop! It can be easily carried by 2 people. The 4 terracotta floor tiles are removable. The oven can be conveniently transported in the back of a car. 
  • Materials – virtually all clay, brick, and precast ovens develop some degree of cracking caused by heat. Usually these cracks are not critical to the performance of the oven however they still have a negative visual impact as well as a possibility of getting worse over time.
    By comparison the inside of Maximus is made from stainless steel! The exterior is made from aluminium, we have personally left it uncovered in the winter without a trace of rust! The front piece is cast from high quality refractory cement and consists of a few pieces glued joined together by high temperature silicone for thermal flexibility needed to avoid cracks. The front piece may ocassionally develop a tiny hairline crack but this is still on a much smaller scale than traditional brick ovens.
  • Quick heat up time – a tradional brick oven with all its thermal mass takes 1.5 hours to heat up. The higher the weight the longer it takes to heat it up.
    Maximus heats up in 30 min. to pizza baking temperature (350-400 C). It's capable of higher temperatures too if you need them.
  • Ease of use – Maximus is easy! Just make your fire inside the oven and when you see the temperature gauge go up to the right T place your food inside. You don't have to close the door – just stand and watch your food being cooked to perfection. It consumes approx. 8 lb of wood per hour. Temperature is easy to control with the help of air vents on the door.
    Compare this to spending a few days or weeks on a traditional brick oven project, mixing cement, stucco, vermiculite, digging the ground, pouring the base in the ground, building a stand from cinder blocks, tiling, another slab for the weight bearing surface, curing the oven for 5-7 days etc.
  • Accessories  – each Maximus comes with a handmade terracotta baking pan and a telescoping aluminium pizza peel. Don't forget to soak the terracotta pan in water for 40 min. prior to use!
  • Cooking range – traditional Neapolitan ovens with their low domes and blasting temperatures may have difficulty cooking bread or other foods requiring lower but uniform heat. Conversely Mediterranean brick ovens with high domes may not cook a pizza as quickly as a Neapolitan 15” high pizza dome.


Apart from home use Maximus is a great choice for catering! It provides an excellent alternative to bulky trailer-based ovens. Maximus can go where trailer ovens cannot go: backyard birthday parties, corporate patio events, parties by the pool, beach, etc. It does not require a trailer and offers the same benefits as a trailer oven but for a fraction of the price: $1200 for Maximus vs at least $15k for a pizza trailer. Maximus can cook 30 12” pizzas in an hour. If you need more you can put 2 ovens side by side. If your team is cooking at a festival, fair, market, or outdoor event you may find it easier to have 2 people operate 2 separate ovens – the ovens can be placed at a distance from each other to ease overcrowding of customers in one place or to serve separate locations (for instance event entrance and food court). Besides, each operator will cook faster without having to wait his turn to use the oven.

The Times

There are few cooking activities that can even remotely match the fun of baking in a backyard pizza oven in general and Maximus in particular. Whether you are cooking pizza, bread, foccacia or a slow roast cooking in a wood fired oven is more than cooking. It is friends, family, jokes, pictures, videos but above all – unforgettable times. Maximus – great times.

Making Wood Fired Pizza in our Mobile Pizza Oven

Wood pizza in Maximus is quick and easy!

Maximus pizza oven can make amazing crusty pizza in just 90 seconds after a 30 min. heat up time! You can bake 2 12" pies at the same time and produce around 50 of them in 1 hour!

Baking Bread in the Maximus Oven

Maximus oven is not only for pizza!

You can bake real wood fired bread in Maximus, as well as lasagnas, fish, meat, and even fruit. Please see our Food Pictures above for only a very limited selection of what has been cooked in this backyard pizza oven. Maximus is capable of maintaining bread baking temperature over a long period of time, producing crusty fresh bread!

Grilling in the Maximus Oven

Maximus is for meat too!

Unlike a traditional bbq grill our ovens will cook your meat evenly from all sides and keep the natural juices inside. You will be surprised to see how juicy the meat from the oven is! Steaks, hot dogs, sausages, London broils, ribs, chicken, and traditional meat dishes can be cooked in traditional clay pots or regular metal ones. Make sure to soak your clay pots for at least 30 min. in warm water prior to putting them in the oven to give them extra heat expansion flexibility as - how should we put this - it's hot inside!

More Bread from Maximus!

Do you remember grandma's bread?

Our wood fired oven takes about 40 min. to produce a batch of fresh childhood-smelling loafs. You will notice that the speed of bread baking greatly depends on the size and consistency of the dough: if you are baking small buns they may be ready in as little as 12 minutes!

Portuguese Family Day With Our Mobile Pizza Oven

Our portable pizza oven in action on a typical Sunday in a Portuguese family. Notice that the oven is installed indoor!

Maximus is not only for mobile applications. You can just as well keep it in your backyard or even inside the house providing you have sufficient ventilation. Watch tasty pizza come out of our Maximus oven on a typical Sunday in Braga, Portugal.