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V: 37" Clay Pizza Oven DIY Kit with Insulation!

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Clay Wood Fired Oven

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37" Wood Fired Terracotta Clay Oven Kit!

This is a very unique DIY wood pizza oven kit at rock bottom price. It includes the materials you need to build your own pizza oven. Specifically:

1) The 37" Terracotta Clay Oven Shell

This oven is hand made in the beautiful Portuguese northern mountains at a century old local factory. Inside diameter is 37". The oven is made in the best traditions of the neighboring Spanish city of Pereruela, which is only a short drive from the Portuguese border. It is hand made entirely from raw terracotta clay and then fired for hours at much higher temperatures than those used in the course of cooking - up to 1650F. This clay oven insert is a lot lighter than virtually any other oven on the market and at approx. 250 lb can easily be carried by a few people from curbside or driveway into your backyard. The oven is meant for cooking meat, fish, rice, vegetables, bread, and of course pizza. This is not a traditional Neapolitan pizza oven but rather a "Mediterranean oven" with higher dome which serves to keep the oven warm over long periods of time but not overly hot. This makes the oven particularly good for baking bread. The Portuguese tradition is to cook meat dishes in this oven on Sunday morning and then leave the leftovers in the oven until Sunday late afternoon to keep them warm for dinner. Walls and floor are approx. 1.5" thick so the outside is approx. 43".

 The door opening is 16.5" wide and 15" high.

The exterior height of the oven is 21.5"

2) 2 Ceramic Insulating Blankets

These are used for insulating the dome of the oven. Each blanket is 1" thick, 24"x25'. These blankets should give you 3" of insulation all around the oven.

3) 1 box of 1.5" Thick Mineral Board (Insblok or Thermafiber).

Unlike the blankets used for the dome this material is used to insulate the floor of the oven. Simply lay the boards down and put the oven on top! We use only brand name Insblok 19 or Thermafiber K-Fac 19 boards.

4) 4 cu. ft. of Perlite Mix

Perlite is used for insulation both under the floor and over the dome. We use Perlite specially formulated for high quality insulating cement aggregates. It will need to be mixed with Portland cement, not included in the package but avail. from your local Home Depot or Lowes for a few dollars. We will provide exact mix ratios for both floor and dome layers. 

5) 1 Roll of Chicken Wire. 

This is used over the blankets and in between Perlite. The roll has enough for a few layers and more than what you will likely use.

6) Steel Chimney Connector:

steel chimney connector with a damper, 6" diameter

The oven does not come with a door. You don't necessarily need a door - it's required only if you would like to preserve heat over long periods of time but not if you just need to cook for a few hours.

See below how an oven like this could be insulated:

insulating pizza oven

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